9 Lifestyle Behaviors That Will Help You Sleep



Have the methods you tried to get sound sleep every night failed to bring anticipated results? You will be surprised to know that a lot more people have been suffering from the problem for many years now.

Over a third of the world population reports either suffering from acute lack of sleep or insomnia. With the fast changing lifestyle patterns, the problem appears to get worse year after year and hitting shocking new levels.

Do not think of giving up because you have the perfect solution for sleeping issues affecting you. Experts explain that to address the problem, you need to adopt the right lifestyle behaviors that help the body fall asleep easily and remain sleeping the whole night.

Here are 9 lifestyle behaviors that will help you sleep and keep sleeping the entire night.

Make the bedroom a sleeping haven



The environment of the bedroom greatly contributes in determining whether you are going to fall asleep easily or not at all. Make it your style to clear the bedroom of all clutter so that it is interesting, attractive, and soothing to make sleep come faster. Get off all clutters so that they do not remind you of broken closets, undone laundry, and other areas that require attention.

The bed should be the center of interest with lovely mattress, appropriate pillows, and nice covers. Additionally, the bedroom should be dimly lit and appropriate theme adopted to make sleeping a serious thing. Make the room solely for sleeping except for partners who should also use it for love making.

Take to the right sleeping habits


The habit you adopt when you enter the bedroom can sooth you to slumber faster or repel sleep in all aspects. By using the bedroom for sleeping alone, the mind will always switch of when you get there even during the day. It is, therefore, crucial to avoid making the bedroom a reading area or watching television. You should also avoid playing computer games, or completing assignments from work in your bedroom.

Always manage your stresses well and avoid carrying them to bed

One cause for lack of sleep in many people is stress. Since stress can come from all areas such as workplace, home, social circles, business, school, or even sickness, managing it well will guarantee you of sound sleep every day. When you are faced by a serious issue, make sure to address it immediately, be truthful to yourself, and seek assistance before it becomes too big. For example, if you have an issue with the partner, do not stay with it, make a habit of addressing it immediately and seeking a family counselor before it escalates.

Adopt the right feeding patterns



The foods you eat determine how well or badly you sleep every night. Remember that this is not just about evening meals, but the entire day. First, you should ensure that all the foods you take contain the right nutrients in adequate quantities. Besides, avoid foods that can harm your body systems such as saturated fats, excess sugars, and salts.

People should only take enough food and avoid eating too close to the sleeping time. Taking too much food and close to the sleeping time keeps the body active and make it difficult to sleep. The best time is about 2 hours before sleep.

Adopt the right approach to life

A positive approach is a great recipe for nice sound sleep everyday. While issues in life will always be there, you must learn to handle them appropriately. This can only be possible through proper time management and realistic scheduling. If you have a lot of work to complete, do not keep worrying about it simply get own and come up with an appropriate schedule. You will focus energy on where it is required most, complete tasks faster and become more productive in life. The ensuing life satisfaction will be manifested in deep slumber everyday.

Stick to the right sleeping routines

A human brain is very complex and requires a lot of time to learn new things let alone sticking to them. If you take to a specific sleeping schedule, the mind will learn and get accustomed to it. For example, if you take a habit of sleeping at 10 pm and waking up at 6am, you will find it easy to get into slumber during that time. Remember that this time should be set realistically factoring your personal schedules.

Take foods that enhance sleeping hormones production



In their 2012 edition on Journal of Research in Medical Sciences, researchers established that for people to get sleep, the relaxation receptors (GABA), should be raised to the right levels. To help raise GABA and lower activity receptors (glutamine), you should take to foods that have enough magnesium. They suggested that people can also get magnesium by taking supplements or bottled mineral water as regularly as possible.

Do regular exercises

In their study, National Sleep Foundation found that regular exercises help the body remain strong and healthy. By taking a walk every day or regularly, you promote better blood flow, nutrients distribution, and clearance of waste from the body. The indicated that regular exercises help to avoid unnecessary strain and even diseases that can compromise your ability to sleep.

Avoid substances that discourage the body from sleep


Though many people find caffeine irresistible, it is a great contributor to sleep deprivation in the body. To enjoy deep lovely sleep every day, it is important to forego it completely or restrict its use to 6 hours before bedtime. You should also avoid alcohol as much as possible because it causes you to keep waking up many times after falling asleep.

Final Thoughts

While the problems of sleeplessness and insomnia have reached very high levels, there is a consensus by experts that changing lifestyle patterns can be of greater help with long-term effects. The 9 lifestyle behaviors that will help you sleep also help to keep you sleeping and live a more productive lifestyle. Remember that there is no single solution to lack of sleep, but you should combine them to get better results that even extend even beyond the bedroom.

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  • March 31, 2016

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