Hidden benefit of Glute Stretches and How to Increase the Size of my Glutes without Increasing the Size of Legs

Prone to lower back pains or knee pains? If "yes" then you are in the right place to learn how to end this problem once and for all. To begin with, glute are the muscles of the buttocks. When glute muscles tighten,they result in back stiffness, lower back pains,knee and hip pain. When you feel any of these, you should do the stretches that I will show you.

They loosen the buttock muscles,thereby growing them without building your legs. Many women are uncomfortable with large muscular legs as they are meant for men. That is why I will take you through a series of glute stretches that will grow your butt without building your legs. All you will need to do after going through this article is to try all of them,strictly following the steps. Each stretch should last about 30 seconds only.

Benefits of Glute stretches

  • Reduces your chances of having accidental injuries,especially the knee injury
  • Frees you from stiffness after working out .You should do glute stretches after workout to tap into this benefit
  • ​Maintains your flexibility even at old age.
  • ​Helps you improve posture.
  • ​Reduces and delays fatigue on the glute muscles.
  • ​Increases your performance as an athlete.
  • Helps reduce fat in the body.

Long hours of sitting is the major cause of tightening of glute muscles which may in turn cause the problems mentioned above.Here are the exercises aimed at loosening your glute muscles without growing your legs thus relieving you of unnecessary pains in the knee,back and hip.

Glute Stretches To Consider Doing

1. Single-Leg Foot Elevated Hip Thrusts

This exercise is a modification of the single-leg hip thrust.In this exercise, your body and legs are supposed to be supported on parallel benches or boxes. This increases your mobility as you do this exercise which involves a lot of movement. The first step is laying your body on the parallel benches, with the shoulders supported on one bench and legs supported on the other bench. Spend few minutes moving your waist area up and down with your body weight. Once you get used to your body weight, add weight on to your waist using weighted vests or even a bar with weights. Raise your body and waist then slowly remove the right leg from the bench and lift it up. Move your body and waist up and down,counting the reps that you have decided to take.Now switch your left leg and repeat the procedure. The benches MUST be firmly held onto the ground to avoid slipping which can cause death as the weights may fall on you.

2. American Deadlifts

This exercise has proven to be more effective that the Romanian Deadlifts. This is because it results in a pelvic tilt, making it a great exercise for butt growing. To start this stretch, stand on a flat ground. Slightly open apart your legs and hands. Use your body weight to move your body up and down. Make sure that your spine is straight during this workout. Hold the barbells or the bar and move downwards until your hands are on the same level as your knee or are slightly below. Push yourself upwards and squeeze your glute very hard,ensuring that you push your pelvic outwards in the process. This is because the upward movement is what defines this exercise as it is the core activator of the glute muscles. Your head and neck MUST be aligned with your back throughout this exercise to avoid pain and injuries after working out.

3. Barbell Glute Bridge

Lay your mat on a flat ground and sit on it.Take the bar and slowly roll it over your hips.Carefully lie on the mat.slightly open your feet apart and bend your knees at an acute angle.Thrust your hips up till the knees align with the shoulders. Ensure that you extremely squeeze your glute once you reach the top of this upward thrust.Lower your body.Repeat this according to the number of reps you prefer doing.Ensure that your back rests straight on the ground throughout this exercise for maximum effectiveness of the barbell glute bridge.

4. Pull Through

Stand in front of a cable column machine. Give the machine your back. Spread your legs apart. Keep your toes pointed forward. Lean the body forward and push the hips backward. Slightly bend and reach for the cable. Pull the cable outwards until you stand straight with the help of hip thrust on your hips. Squeeze your glute very hard as you stand. Pull the cable towards your hips and not the shoulder because the movement ought to be back and forth and not up and down. Make sure you keep your back straight as you workout.

5. Kettlebell Swing

Standing in front of the Kettlebell, spread your legs apart. Use your hips to reach for the kettlebell. Grab the kettlebell, thrusting your body slightly towards it. Move your chest outwards and your shoulder backwards, making it straight. Loosen your knees and push on your heels to thrust your body up as the kettlebell ascends. Squeeze your glute tightly as you approach your chest height. From this point you let the kettlebell swing freely as you descent towards the ground. You should not bend your knee during this descending phase,rather bend the body at the hip hinge to make this exercise successful.

6. Hip Abduction Movement

Here, we will focus on the use of standing hip abductors. Place an ankle cuff on your right ankle and attach a resistance band to it. Connect the cable resistance machine to the resistance band. Stand straight, with your legs close together. Support yourself by holding a wall or a firm post next to the machine. Swing your right leg to the side to about 45 degrees making sure that the left side of your body remains fixed. Lower your leg to the initial point. Do as many reps as you can with the right foot then switch to the left foot. The good thing about this exercise is that it is not a must that you have a cable resistance machine to do it. You can actually use your body weight or a resistance band tied to a firm point to do it.

Tutorial Video For Glute Exercises

The young woman in this video takes you through a thorough and professional training on the glute stretches to do without necessarily building your legs. She offers insights regarding these exercises at the beginning of the video. This is because for the stretches to be effective every step, dos and don't s need to be well understood. Use this video during glute workouts if you want a bubble butt without building your legs.

You don't want to hesitate trying these glute stretches.Strictly follow the steps outlined in each for effective results.You won't believe the quick improvement.No more back pains or knee pains and injuries especially when you run or jog.You will also have a butt that will make heads turn .These stretches are easy to do and can actually be done at home.



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