How to Get Rid of Hip Dip And Get Back Your Hourglass Figure : 3 Reliable Ways – No #1, #3, #6,

Have you ever taken a second thought of that annoying hip dip that bothers you? How to get rid of hip dip is something that must have run through your mind after getting that unwanted figure.

It is very embarrassing to walk at the beach and get strange stares from those around you. Some vindictive people might describe you as “someone has taken a bite of her hips.”

However, you deserve to enjoy freedom and peace of mind. You need your hourglass figure and feminine beauty or six pack figure back.

What Is A Hip Dip?

A hip dip is an innermost curve beneath your hip bone. Hip dip has many names like shelf hips, violin hips, hip dents, figure 8 and many other names.

Hip Dip is scientifically known as trochanteric depression. It can be seen while in others can’t because of body size.

According to research, hip dip affects almost 90% of women. Most of them dislike it because it affects their body figure.

Is There A Need To Be Concerned About Hip Dips?

Even though hip dips occur naturally in the human body, there is a need to be concerned about them. Hip dip is a problem that affects most women and a few men too.

Hip dips don’t look appealing, and that is why you need to be concerned about them. Bad looks might affect your self-esteem and confidence.

Even though some women don’t care about hip dips, they still affect them in one way or another.

What Are The Causes Of Hip Dips?

Hip dips have different causes. Here are the major causes.

#1. Gaining weight

We gather fats in our bodies differently. You body might accumulate fats uniformly, which means that your whole body will get bigger in a portion than it was initially.

However, you might also gain fat in a non-uniform way. Your hip area and the buttock is likely to get more fats than other areas of your body.

If you are unlucky to be among those who gain fats non-uniformly, especially in the thighs and lower buttocks, you are likely to develop hip dip.

#2. Weight loss

It sounds absurd to note that weight loss might result to hip dip. However, this is true especially if you choose to lose fats through surgical means like Liposuction.

Losing a muscle tone creates a Hip dip.

#3. Nature

We were created in different ways.

Your anatomy may be in such a way that your hips are high and wide. In this case, if you have a femur or thigh bone which is widely placed, you might develop a hip dip.

The shape of your pelvis might result to high hips which lead to hip dips.

#4. Fat accumulation on lower belly

Fat accumulation on lower belly is also called “love handles” or “muffin tops.” It can result to Hip dip especially if excess fat hangs slightly creating an impression of a dipping bend.

Can You Get Rid Of Hip Dips?

Getting rid of the deep hip is crucial and here are various ways of doing it. You can avoid it through exercise, corrective surgery or you can simply cover them up.

#1. Proper workouts

If you want to get rid of hip dip, appropriate exercises together with a healthy diet will work for you. Try exercise that fills your hips and but with muscles.

Choose an exercise that will tone your muscles and cut the podginess on your hips leaving them with a cute curve. The exercise should also reduce your waist, the upper thighs and make your muscles tight.

Which are the best exercises for getting rid of the hip deep?

The following exercises are highly recommended for you if you want to get rid of hip dip.

1. Plank

Did you know that planking can help you to have a better waistline quickly? It trims belly fat by cutting fat on different parts of your stomach.

You can do planking by holding your body away from the ground and holding it in a straight line. This exercise builds isometric strength

Benefits of planks:

Planking is a great task that involves various muscles concurrently. From planking, you are going to benefit in the following ways.

  • It tones your belly

Through planking, you can build your inner muscles and make the abdominal muscles stronger. This tightens your midsection.

  • It trims down back pain

Planks strengthen back muscles and your core hence reducing back pain. The American Council on Exercise suggests that planking is the best way to strengthen the core.

  • It helps you to be flexible

During planking, your muscles surrounding your shoulders and collarbones expand and stretch helping you to be flexible.

2. Crunches

Crunching is an exercise that involves lying down with your face up while your knees are bent. You can then curl the shoulders towards the pelvis area.

Your hands can either be crossed over your chest or behind your neck.

Some benefits of crunching are:

  • They work out muscles

The only way to get rid of hip dip is toning your muscles. Crunching tones down your muscles that run down the abdomen.

  • Strengthening your abdominal muscles

One of the ways of improving your balance is making your abdominal muscles strong. Apart from eliminating hip dip, crunches help to improve posture.

  • It burns calories

Apart from toning, crunches also burn some calories in your body. If you are 160 pounds, you can burn 54 calories after a 10-minute crunch.

If you performed crunching for 30 minutes, you would burn 300 calories. Most fitness specialists recommend three sets of 12 crunches at a slow pace.

#2. Butt exercises

Did you know that your gluteal muscles are your main hip muscles? If you want to get rid of hip dip, consider butt exercises to tone them.

Examples of butt exercises include:

  • Hip-Lift Progression

Hip-Lift Progression is a breathtaking exercise that works your butt and also relieves tension on your lower back.

How can you do it?

You can follow the procedure below:

  • Lie down on your back and place your arms on your side. Your feet should be on the floor and your knees bent.
  • Raise your hips upwards. Hold on for a count and slowly lower back down.
  • Repeat this for 60 seconds. Be keen not to overarch your spine.
  • ​You can also extend one of your legs on top as you keep your thighs parallel.
  • Stay in that position for 5 seconds.
  • Slowly place your foot down and lower your hips.

Do this for 30 seconds. Alternate the sides and move on your other leg for 30 seconds.

Watch this video on how to perform a Hip-lift progression.

#3. Cosmetic surgery

Cosmetic surgery is another way of getting rid of hip dip. It involves going under a knife.

This type of surgery is needed in circumstances where the cause of the hip dip was a liposuction. If you opt for a cosmetic surgery, expert surgeons will graft fats from other parts of your body to solve the issue.

#4. Cover it up

What can you do if you find it hard to get rid of that awful figure when you want to attend a major event? The best thing is to cover it up.

Some suitable clothes can hide your stubborn hip dip. Such clothes include free flowing clothes or loose fitting clothes.

In this case, avoid jeans and low waist trousers. If you want to wear low waist pants, your shirt or top should cover the hips.

A shape wear such as 3 in 1 Postpartum Support could be great to help you look great in your fancy dress by hiding Hip dip.

Padded underwear for hips is another breathable light weight underwear that hides hip dips.

You can also get rid of hip dip medically through fat injection. Medical experts inject fat on your dip area to raise it.

#5. Non- Surgical procedures

You can also get rid of hip dip through other non-surgical procedures like Cool Sculpting. This method involves removal of excess fat from areas you desire. This process has been approved by FDA.

#6. Hip Implant

A hip implant is the most radical way of getting rid of hip dip, but it should be your last choice. It is only advised when your current hip position has serious health issues.

Before taking this step, you need to seek advice from a trusted doctor extensively.

Even though beauty involves many aspects, you need to care about getting rid of extra fats that disfigure your body. Hip dip can be avoided, and you can also get rid of it.

Apart from corrective surgery, you can use pre workout supplements during the exercise mentioned above to quicken the burning of fats.

Some of the supplements that could work well for burning hip dip include:

Cellulor C4 Pre-workout Explosive Energy and FitMiss Ignite pre-workout supplements. These supplements quicken the rate of metabolism in your body during workouts.

You can take them before performing the above hip dip exercises and watch how fast you are going to get back your figure.


How to get rid of hip dip is an issue that few men and most women strive to find a solution. However, you can avoid hip dip by taking fewer calories and exercising regularly.

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