How To Get Rid Of Muffin Top

Ever seen a belly fat loosely hanging around the waist of a person in tight pant? You must have, especially along a busy street. This loosely hanging belly fat is what is referred to as muffin top.

Just as the name suggests, this word is derived from the muffin cake which has its top popping out in the same manner. Funny, right? Your waist to be compared with a cake top!! This shows that developing such belly fats may lower self esteem in people,especially women.

To counter the possibility of this low self esteem, we have come up with a guide of a number of effective and scientifically proven exercises to help you get rid of the muffin top to uplift the confidence in yourself.

Exercises That Aid In The Removal of Muffin top

1.The Double crisscross

Place a yoga mat on a flat ground. Lie on it and face up. Bend your knees towards your chest and hold the back of your head with your hands. Further extend your right knee closer to the chest. Move your left foot such that it becomes parallel to the ground. Now move your left shoulder up and make it meet with the right knee. Repeat this procedure, doing as many reps as you can. Switch legs and shoulder and repeat the same exercise starting with bending your left knee towards your chest. We recommend 4 sets and 20 reps per set to make this exercise effective.

2.Side bends

Stand on an even ground. Open your feet,shoulder width apart. Make your arms straight with your fingers pointing down, place your right arm on the right side of the waist and reach for your toe using your left hand. Do not hinge at the elbow of your left arm as you ascend. Do as may reps as you can,but we advice a minimum of 100 reps. Change your position by switching your arms. Repeat the same procedure by reaching for your right toes using your right arm.

3.Jack knives

Lay on top of a firm bench or on a yoga mat placed on a flat ground. Stretch your arms up such that they become parallel to each other and point at the sky or roof top (Depending on where you are working out;outdoor or indoor). Keep your legs straight on the ground or bench. Raise your legs at an acute angle and lower your arms, tapping your toes with your fingers in the process. This exercise derives its name from the body alignment as one does this exercise. This is because the body gets the shape of a jack knife. Now carefully return to the initial position, ensuring that your legs and arms are stretched out without bending the elbows or knees. Do many reps, repeating the same process each time.

jack knives

4.Hip dips

This workout helps to tone your waistline. You begin this exercise by lying on a mat. Place your right hand on the ground and lift your upper body,setting yourself into a plank position. Stretch out your legs. Hold your left side waist with your left hand.Lower your right elbow so that it touches the ground to give you extra support. Place your left leg over the right leg. Tighten your abs and dip your hips until it almost touches the floor. Do as many dips as possible. Roll on the left side and repeat the same procedure. Do 4-6 sets to increase its effectiveness.

5.Pretzel Knee Crunch

Lie on a mat placed on a flat ground. Bend your left knee at a 90 degree angle such that your left leg comes in front of the body. Move your right leg behind you at an angle of 90 degrees. Using your hip point as a hinge, move your upper body forward towards the floor. Cross your hands to get more support by keeping you in balance. You may also hold the ground for more support. Slightly lift your right leg off the ground. Keep your spine straight as you do this exercise. Move backwards to return to the initial position and repeat this 15 times. Switch your legs, do 15 reps to complete one set. We recommend 3-4 sets per session of doing this exercise.

6. Jogging, Sprinting and Walking

Truth be told, many people hate walking even short distances. Unfortunately, they end up having muffin tops due to fat accumulation in the waist because of lack of exercise. Yes! You got me right; Lack of exercise. Walking is a type of exercise in its own right. It helps you burn the excess fats in the waist thereby trimming it to remove muffin top. Apart from the exercises above, walking, jogging and sprinting also help to remove the muffin top and belly fat very fast.

7. Swimming

This is not the common swimming we know. This takes place on the ground and not in water. You lie on the mat facing down. Stretch out your arms and leg to form an 'X' shape,raising your thighs,chest and arms a bit. Hover on the mat, as if you are swimming in a pool of water. Move your left arm towards your ear and concurrently raise your right foot slightly above the hip level. Switch your foot and arms and repeat the procedure. Do many sets of this exercise.

Tutorial Video for Ways To Remove Muffin Top

This demo by Lisa, who is a professional gym trainer for women, shows us six exercises to carry out to get rid of muffin top. The exercises in the video are relatively easy to do, even at home.

She elaborately explains each type of exercise she does making it easy for you to follow up on what she is doing. This ensures you do not get lost during your workout which may lower your interest in continuing to workout for a slimmer waist.

Foods That Aid To Get Rid of Muffin Top

The food we eat play a huge role in the nature of our bodies. Eating healthy is the first step towards removing the accumulated fat from your waistline. You should therefore be very choosy with the kind of food you eat. We recommend a proper fibrous diet as they aid in burning the fat.

Food such as avocado, apple, broccoli, peas and oats are very rich in fiber. Almond and coconut oil increases the rate of cell metabolism leading to a high rate of burning fat. Eat eggs because they make the body lean and blueberries because they have an antioxidant which increases weight loss.


Everyone deserves to have a body that they are proud of. It is no lie that people having muffin tops,especially women feel low about themselves. This in turn causes low self-esteem issues to them. All is not lost. Try the exercises we have outline above and see for yourself the change that will come along with them. Eat healthy as said above. If you do exactly as we have advised,it should take you very few months to remove the fat around your waist.You will surely have a killer waist second to none.

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  • November 17, 2016

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