5 Top Methods Of Burning More Calories While Sleeping.

How many calories do you burn while sleeping? Want to cut weight fast? Are your surprised, you can burn up to 400 - 500 calories in 8 hours of sleep everyday.

If tired of trying other methods of cutting weight with no results, it has now been proven that you can burn even more calories when sleeping than even during the day. The secret to this is raising the body metabolism so that it can burn the stored fat to supply all the requisite energy.

Unlike other techniques that are difficult, stressful, and even painful at times, raising the body’s metabolism is natural. You only set the brain in the right mode and let the natural processes burn all the fat while you relax. What a fun way to reach your targeted shape, model outlook, or muscle growth fast and without starving?

Burning More Calories at Night

Experts suggest that people can burn more calories when deep asleep, perhaps, more than what they burn when reading through a book or lying in bed. When you are asleep in bed, calories are burnt to supply energy for driving basic functions such as pumping blood, repairing damaged cells, controlling internal temperatures, and fighting diseases.

The body burns more calories during REM (rapid eye movement) sleep when the brain is very active. It is important to ensure you sleep deeply to hit optimum calories burning rate. Experts advise that you should avoid things that can disturb your sleep and compromise the calories you can burn such as smoking and alcohol.

The quantity of calories you burn is dependent on your weight. In every hour you spend sleeping, the body burns 0.42 calories per pound. For a 150 lb person, he/she will burn 63 calories every hour and total of 504 calories after an 8 hours sleep.

To calculate the calories you will burn, multiply 0.42 with your weight and number of hours spent sleeping (0.42 X your weight X number of hours spent sleeping). The following are top 5 most effective methods to help you burn more calories, lose weight, and maintain the weight and shape you have always dreamt of.

5 Top Methods of Burning More Calories at Night

1. Set strict eating hours

Nighttime fasting or closing the kitchen early can help you cut down on weight. In one of the studies on Cell Metabolism journal, researchers established that by restricting eating hours to only during the day and closing the kitchen early helped the body burn more calories. As you stop eating early, there will be no carbs in the blood by the time you set off o sleep. Therefore, the body will have to burn more calories from stored fat to supply the body with requisite energy. Eating should only be confined to healthy and nutritious meals only.

2. Exercise regularly

When you exercise regularly, you do not just burn the calories during the workout, but long after you stop. By doing regular exercises, preferably on a daily basis, the body’s metabolism is elevated and remains high for up to 24 hours. To burn even more calories and enjoy the weight management practices of choice, you are advised to include resistance and cardiovascular exercises in the workout program. Cardiovascular workouts are useful in immediate burning of calories while resistance training will enable the body keep burning more calories all night when you are sound asleep.

3. Decrease body fat and increase muscles

At any moment, muscles are more effective in burning calories compared to fat, even when at rest. If you have high percentage of lean body mass, you are sure of burning extra calories when asleep. To raise the percentage of lean muscles and lean tissues while cutting fat, increase resistance workouts every week. These include exercises such as sit-ups, deadlifts, squats, push-ups, lunges, and lateral shoulder-raises. You can also intensify Pilates training to tone the body and raise metabolism.

4. Make the bedroom colder

In one of the studies published by Diabetes journal, researchers established that turning off heat during the winter nights helped people burn belly fat when asleep. Human beings are warm blood and, therefore, burn fat to keep their system hot during cold times. To keep the body warm, the brain has to burn more calories and then distribute heat to drive all body systems. During hotter months, you can use the air conditioner to keep the temperatures as low as possible during the night.

5. Take foods that require extra energy to digest

The food you take defines how long the system will remain at work after sleep and the amount of calories that can be burnt. Fitness experts and medical professionals emphasize that the body requires a lot of calories to digest them when compared to carbohydrates. The target here is keeping the metabolism rate high and ensuring that the final product of the process does not add to body fat. The best suggestion is a snack of 30 grams whey or casein.


Raising body metabolism has come out as a more effective method to burn extra calories when sleeping and helping people reach fitness targets faster. Cutting weight and sustaining it at the right level need not be stressful any more. The outlined ways of burning more calories when sleeping will enable you to shed extra weight easily, faster, and maintaining it affordably. Try them today and start experiencing reduced weights in a fun, simple, and reliable way.

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  • March 27, 2016

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