The Ultimate Purchasing Guide To The Best Cooling Pillow: Top 5 Picks

If you have difficulty sleeping from the hot weather and stuffy bedding, then it's time to invest in the best cooling pillow to help you stay comfortable when in bed! But with the many types of pillows like these available, which one should you invest in?

Read on as I show you the best cooling pillow reviews you need to help you make a choice.

The Benefits Of Using A Cooling Pillow

You've probably had nights of waking up in a sweat, feeling hot due to the summer nights, or just because your body hasn't balanced its temperature properly, especially in the head, where stuffy pillows can play a major factor here. That's where breathable pillows come along to help.

Cooling pillows are made out of materials with new formulas and technology, made to keep your head well-ventilated and comfortable throughout your sleep. You can either find cooling pillow mats or covers, as well as pillows made out of memory foam with the gel-infused material, either silicone or polyurethane, that regulates our body temperature.

Here are the benefits using a cooling pillow can give you:

#1. Pressure relief

If you suffer from regular headaches or migraines, using a gel infused pillow or one with cooling technology will help keep your body temperature at a comfortable level, as well as relieving you of any pressure points.

Plus, your head will get better support to free yourself from neck or back pain.

#2. Fall asleep better

Your body won't need to waste time or energy regulating your body temperature as the pillow will contribute to doing so, speeding up your sleep process. It will also positively affect your sleep since you will be able to rest without waking up to regulate the body's temperature.

#3. Better weight and skin

Through the better quality of sleep, you will have improved metabolism to maintain your weight, as well as an excellent production of melatonin to get rid of your eye bags and improve your skin health.

How To Purchase The Best Cooling Pillow

Now that you know what it can do for your sleep and health, how can you choose the best cooling pillow? Here are some essential tips and factors to consider:


You can make a choice between a pillow made out of Lycra or with micro-vented covers that make it breathable, or a gel-infused one made of silicone to regulate your body temperature. It will have to depend on your preference and how much support you need.

Memory foam can contour to your head shape, leaving you more comfortable while hitting pressure points. Gel-infused pillows will also be able to do that, but focusing more on regulating your body temperature than softness. (


Be sure to focus on getting a cooling pillow with a hypoallergenic material, especially if you have a sensitive skin and nose. Invest in quality foam that isn't only durable, but free of toxic chemicals that can harm you in the long run.

Since you will need to replace your pillow every few months, look for a cooling pillow that will not flatten out quickly and still have the similar feel as if it were still new.


While you shouldn't scrimp and purchase the cheapest cooling pillow you see, don't overspend either. The average prices of quality cooling pillows range between $30 to $70, so set a reasonable budget according to how much you can spend, and start from there. Also, check out legitimate customer reviews (like this one!) to get a full understanding and to know what you should expect when purchasing your chosen cooling pillow.

Our Top 5 Cooling Pillow Reviews

Based on our reviews, testing, and overall customer reputation, here are our top five choices on the best cooling pillow:

#1. Snuggle-Pedic Ultra-Luxury Pillow 


The Snuggle-Pedic Pillow has the versatility in sizes and the best cooling effect without the uncomfortable feel of gel padding. The combination of bamboo, polyester, and lycra is made to keep your head cool all night.

It never goes flat and has the thickness but ventilation one needs. You can even adjust its thickness and comfort, shaping your neck for any position. For its premium material (which is hypoallergenic and dust/mite resistant) and price, it's a good purchase.

Things we liked:

  • Eco-friendly and hypoallergenic
  • Warranty and free trial or customization included
  • Can shape according to your sleeping position
  • Keeps head cool and well-ventilated
  • Material isn't too firm, just right

Things we didn't like:

  • Has a temporary smell
  • ​A bit difficult to adjust the filling
  • Not the best pillow for side sleepers

#2. Coop The EDEN Pillow


Coop Home Goods offers The EDEN Pillow, with its number one feature being its easy-to-adjust fillings for a better sleeping position and posture. I like the better neck support and firmness while I sleep, along with the breathability thanks to its bamboo and polyester. It has the cooling gel memory foam to shape my neck and head just the way I like it without cutting my airflow.

It is still a reasonable purchase for its adjustable features and cooling effect. While it isn't as comfortable or cooling as Snuggle-Pedic, the pillow is better in terms of adjustability for comfort.

Things we liked:

  • Easy to adjust the filling
  • Memory foam to quickly contour according to my sleeping position
  • ​Cools down head reasonably
  • ​Easy to clean and wash

Things we didn't like:

  • Pillow case isn't as durable
  • ​Might be too firm for some people
  • Quickly flattens out

#3. Bluewave Bedding Pillow 


The Bluewave Bedding offers an ultra-slim pillow best suited for stomach or back sleepers. You can cheese between 2.5-inches up to 4-inches, basing on how you sleep. It's just like your ordinary memory foam but with gel-infused material to retain excessive body heat, allowing your head to be a few degrees cooler while you sleep.

Made out of the quality hypoallergenic and chemical free foam along with a cool bamboo cover included, it's a good purchase.

Things we liked:

  • Hypoallergenic and free from toxic chemicals
  • Low profile ideal for stomach or back sleepers
  • Gel-infused to keep head cooler
  • Helps align spine and prevent joint pain

Things we didn't like:

  • Might be too thin for some people
  • ​Only comes in one size
  • Doesn't cool as effectively as the other cooling pillows

#4. Cr Sleep Ventilated Memory Foam Bed Pillow


What I like about the Cr Pillow is how it's very easy to wash, along with its safe materials but excellent performance. It's mad out of air cell gel-infused covers for a light feel that doesn't only make you breathe easily, but has the soft and silky texture anyone will appreciate. You can also adjust it for colder days, flipping it over for a warmer temperature.

Things we liked:

  • Memory foam adds support without the stiff feeling
  • Relieves neck and shoulder pain
  • Effectively cools your head
  • ​Hypoallergenic with no toxic chemicals
  • Both cool and warm functions

Things we didn't like:

  • Has a fresh foam odor you'll need to break into
  • ​Not for side sleepers
  • A bit heavy

#5. GelBasics Memory Foam Pillow 


GelBasics offers the cooling design through a mix of both viscoelastic memory foam with cooling gel technology. It has a nice design to it that makes it a hotel-quality pillow, with the premium quality and value.

You can choose between three different sizes and has the reasonable price for both quality of sleep and cooling feature.

Things we liked:

  • Better sleeping quality
  • Cools head quickly
  • Supports the neck for pain relief

Things we didn't like:

  • Too stiff
  • Not ideal for stomach sleepers

In A Quick Look: Our Choices For Best Cooling Pillows

Snuggle-Pedic has the therapeutic and effective cooling effect that still keeps me comfortable and well-rested for the whole night. It's perfect for those who want a firm pillow that never goes flat.

Coop's The EDEN Pillow has the easy-to-adjust feature to keep your head and neck comfortable throughout the night. It's also made out of the Ultra-Tech fabric for a combination of comfort and breathability.

The Bluewave Bedding Pillow comes with the cool-gel infused material and a low-profile, perfect for stomach and pack sleepers.

With Cr's Sleep Ventilated Memory Foam Pillow, you get both a cooling and warmth pillow with versatile sides and hypoallergenic material perfect for those with sensitive noses.

For those who want the ultimate hotel quality pillow, GelBasics Memory Foam Pillow has the luxurious feel and cooling gel technology to give you support and comfort the whole night.


Of all the cooling pillows reviewed, the grand winner would have to go to Snuggle-Pedic for its luxurious feel and state-of-the-art technology that makes the pillow NEVER go flat. Through its Lycra material, you won't need to worry about heat, as it keeps you cool throughout your whole sleep. With its other practical features such as the hypoallergenic material and plush texture, it's worth the price.

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