Hey there !!!, I'm Lana, founder and main editor of Smart Health Kick. This is my website was founded in 2015  and Smart Health Kick dedicated to natural remedies, healthy recipes, healthy lifestyle, fitness and more. I’ve furthered my knowledge so much on all areas of my blog, and hope that you enjoy reading the content just as much as I enjoy creating it!

Why did I create Smart Health Kick ?

Very simple.

When I was growing up, one of the most disturbing things in the family was that most people were obese. My two sisters, mom, and I were overweight. For me, the problem started at the age of 12.

At office, I got ridiculed by colleagues and efforts to eat less did not work. My sisters were at the verge of giving up and concluding that it was as a result of genetics. When I conducted further research, I realized that it was a big issue to very many people.

After all, ​I want to create a website that every person who visited my site, would get the right information that is correct, useful, easy to understand and actionable. 

To achieve this, I assembled a professional team comprising of nutrition professionals, fitness experts, pharmacists, clinical health experts, and researchers to ensure that people get the best, carry the story, and bring others for similar help​.

What Smart Health Kick Do:

  • Use the latest scientific findings when giving advice to clients on nutrition, natural remedies and health.
  • Guide people on nutrition, exercises, and supplements to help them achieve health targets.
  • ​Follow closely on research and pre-test every product we recommend.
  • Write reports, releases and reviews that guide people on the best products.

If you'd like to get in touch with me, please email to smarthealthkick.contact@gmail.com

I wish you the all the best on your health journey.

Lana Sanders

Editor of Smart Health Kick