5 Reliable Best Shoes For Bunions You Need To See

Have you ever wondered why you feel intense pain on the bony hump at the base of your big toe? Whatever your case is, you can still walk comfortably with best shoes for bunions.

Any tight shoes made of sturdy material can hurt the bony bump on the side of your big toes and cause great pain. It is uncomfortable and irritating to imagine the hell you go through from the bunions on your legs.

Don’t worry; here is a quick solution for you.

What Is A Bunion?

A bunion is that unnatural bony lump at the bottom of your big toe and links with the foot. Scientifically, it is called Hallux Abducto Valgus.

In case you experience too much pressure or friction you might develop calluses.

If you have a bunion, you might feel pain while walking. The reason behind this is because all the weight of your body rests on the bunion whenever you walk.

Types Of Bunions

There are two types of bunions.

  • Chronic bunion
  • Acute bunion

An acute bunion occurs when bursitis outburst. It is a painful condition whereby the fluid sack in the joints of your feet becomes irritated and swells. The skin then turns red.

If you don’t get medical attention after developing an acute bunion, it may develop to a chronic bunion. Chronic bunion might be irreversible if the joint bones of your feet become rigid permanently.

What Causes Bunions?

Deformities in your bone might cause bunions, but the reasons are not very clear. Here are some possible causes.

1. Arthritis

Most foot problems like arthritis and bunions come as you age. During early adulthood, your feet usually spread and this worsens the problem.

There is an incidence where arthritis can cause a disfigurement in your joint. This disfigurement is known as a bunion. If left untreated it may get worse.

The following types of arthritis cause bunions:

Gout – It affects your big toe after crystals forming around joints.

Psoriatic arthritis – This type of arthritis causes scaly skin appearance which results to inflamed joints.

Rheumatoid arthritis - When your immune system attacks the joint liner, you might develop inflammation on your joints.

2. Genetic factors

If your family lineage has ever had a problem with poor foot structure, you might be a victim too. It is not a guarantee that if your family is known to develop bunions, every member will have them too.

According to a study done by The Framingham study of the foot, footwear could cause foot disorders, but the primary reason is genetics.

This study further stated that some people are vulnerable to develop bunions than others.

3. Poor shoe fitting

Tight fitting shoes can hasten the expansion of bunions. Tight shoes are not the leading cause of bunions, but they are likely to worsen a condition.

Other conditions might also lead to bunions.

Conditions such as Marfan syndrome and Cerebral palsy can result in:

- Stretchy joints

- Low muscle tone.

- Loose ligaments

What Are The Symptoms Of Bunions?

Bunions are associated with the following symptoms:

  • A stuffed bump on the outside bottom of your big toe. According to an article onWebmd.com, the first sign is a bony bump on the side of your toe.
  • Swelling around your big toe joint.
  • ​Pain in the big toe.
  • ​Calluses and corns.
  • ​Limited movement of the big toe
  • ​Coagulating of the skin at the base of your big toe
  • ​Pushing off your big toes towards the other toes.
  • Unusual pressure on joints of your lower body and tendons.

How Can you Identify The Right Shoes For Bunions?

The ideal shoes for bunions are the ones that relieve pain and help you to walk comfortably. As much as many types of shoes exist in the market, you need to consider certain factors before purchasing shoes for bunions.

1. What are your needs?

Before purchasing shoes for bunions, you need to know how you want to use them. Do you want to use them for sports, dancing or walking?

There are different styles of bunions and can fit a particular need. Identify the activities that you mostly engage yourself and buy bunion shoes meant for them.

2. Are they comfortable?

If you wear uncomfortable shoes, you are likely to experience fatigue and pain. Shoes for bunions must have proper cushioning and enough space for your legs.

3. Size of the width

Your bunion shoes must have a wide width. Your foot needs space to ensure adequate movement of your big toe.

Don’t ever buy shoes that don’t fit you well because they might hurt the bunions.

When you have enough space for your bony bump, you won’t experience pressure caused by little or no space.

4. Material

A good pair of shoes for bunions should be made out of top-quality material. Soft leather is one of the best materials for these types of shoes.

5. Flexibility

Bunions shoes with barefoot-style footwear offer enough flexibility during walking and physical activities. Flexible shoes protect you from slipping accidentally or falling on slimy grounds.

6. Lightweight

If you have lightweight shoes, you won’t suffer from fatigue. Light weight shoes reduce pressure while walking.

7. Durability

Choose bunions shoes with good material that last long. The longer they last, the more protection they offer.

Can I Benefit From Wearing The Best Shoes For Bunions?

You can benefit from wearing shoes for bunions in the following ways:

  • Shoes for bunions relieve pain during movement. These types of shoes have proper cushioning and space hence prevents your legs from getting hurt.
  • They reduce pressure. Tight shoes cause pressure on your feet.With shoes for bunions; you won’t have pressure on your legs.

Reviews On The Best Shoes For Bunions

#1.Vionic Othaheel Walker

Dimensions: 12 by 5 by 4 inches

Weight: 2 pounds

Vionic Othaheel Walker is a brand that has both men and women’s option. They offer the best possible comfort throughout the day. It has a design that ensures your feet have enough space and won’t be squeezed in any way. These are walking shoes and are breathable. They have a midsole that absorbs shock. They also have a toe box which aids in reducing pressure on the bunions.


  • Their light weight makes them easy to use.
  • They are breathable.
  • They have proper cushioning which creates comfort


  • They are only meant for casual activities

#2.Dr. Comfort Marla Therapeutic Extra Depth Shoes

If you suffer from severe bunions, you shouldn’t worry about what to wear. If you want to attend an event or report to your daily duties, they can serve you well.

Dr. Comfort Marla Therapeutic Extra Depth Shoes have a classic design which gives a modern appearance.

They also have a lightweight and can be washed. They have been made out of Lycra which is a high-quality stretchable material.


  • They are comfortable
  • They have removable soles which make it easy to wash them.
  • They can accommodate internal braces due to enough room inside.
  • They have an external Velcro strap that controls the upper material.


  • Might be too narrow for vast legs

 #3. Orthofeet springfield women’s orthopedic shoes

- Dimensions: 1 by one by 1 inch

- Weight: 1.6 ounces

- Model: 881

Are you worried about pressure points on your legs while wearing your shoes? Orthofeet Springfield Women’s Orthopedic Shoes can provide you with anatomical support and proper cushioning.

Bunions can be frustrating if you don’t know what to wear. These types of shoes have been designed with a deep toe box to allow you relax.

Your toes can naturally spread out. It also has a lightweight a feature that which makes it easy to move around. You can get it in different colors like black, beige and navy.

It is highly stylish and suits any occasion. It is designed for any foot related problem a feature that makes it one of the best shoes for bunions.

The material used to make it is leather.


  • It is light in weight
  • It has a lovely design
  • It is comfortable and offers orthotic support.
  • It is good for sensitive feet, e.g., for people with arthritis and diabetes


  • If the shoes are too large for your legs, you might not get any support inside.
  • It isn’t good enough for those with heel spurs

 #4.Asics GEL-Tech Walker Neo 4 walking shoes

- Dimensions: 12 by 8 by 4 inches

- Weight: 1.6 inches

- Model number: GEL-TECH Walker Neo 4-M

Asics GEL-Tech Walker Neo is meant for men and women who are battling with bunions. Most of the people think that they are only supposed to be Premium running sneakers.

However, they are also meant for walking. They have advanced biomorphic fit which provides outstanding support.

They also have a lightweight making them comfortable to wear while doing any activity that involves movement. These shoes also have a breathable mesh upper which enables you to stay healthy.


  • They have a lightweight
  • They are comfortable
  • They provide enough support inside
  • They have a breathable mesh upper


  • None

 #5.KEEN women’s Targhee II and KEEN Men’s Targhee II Mid Wide Hiking Shoe

This is a unique brand for both men and women. These shoes have a rubber sole, and their outer material is leather. They are comfortable and have a light weight too.

If you love hiking, you could choose them. They are also revamped with keen and have a breathable membrane which keeps your feet dry.

These types of shoes are waterproof and have aggressive outsole which bites into the landscape. Don’t be afraid to enjoy your outdoor activities because of bunions.

These shoes are comfortable fir hiking without any pain.


  • They have weight.
  • They are comfortable
  • They keep your legs dry because they are water proof.
  • ​Their souls are made in a way that they can bite into the terrain.


  • They are only meant for hiking and outdoor activities

In A Quick Analysis: Our Best Choice Of Best Shoes For Bunion

Vionic Othaheel Walker are the kind of shoes that have enough space for bunions. The rounded toe box design is sufficient to provide maximum comfort during intense movements.

On the other hand, Dr. Comfort Marla Women’s Therapeutic Extra Depth Shoes are good for women who want shoes that can be worn for any occasion. Apart from the comfort they offer, they are classic for anyone who wants a modern look.

Orthofeet Springfield Women’s Orthopedic Shoes also have an enough space to make your toes comfortable. They have a lightweight to help you move around quickly.

Asics GEL-Tech Walker Neo 4 Walking Shoes for both men and women who battle with bunions. This type of shoes can be worn by both males and females. They are meant for any physical activity.


5. KEEN women’s Targhee II and KEEN Men’s Targhee II Mid Wide Hiking Shoes are comfortable pair of shoes for bunions. They have a stretchable material which helps to relieve pain associated with bunions.

Our winner

From the above views, our best choice of shoes for bunions is Asics GEL-Tech Walker Neo 4 Walking shoes. Both men and women can find this brand.

They are wide enough to accommodate bunions and are comfortable to wear.

Most people develop bunions out of wearing tight shoes. This condition mostly occurs in women more than in men.

However, other factors such as genetic factors can also cause bunions. It’s nice to try treating them and wear the right shoes.

If you develop bunions, avoid tight shoes and any other conditions that might make them worse. Finding the best shoes for bunions could make you walk comfortably without any problem.
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